Why Django Framework is liked by Beginners?

Django Framework copy

Why Django Framework is liked by Beginners?

Why Django Framework is liked by Beginners?

Today we have to learn about the reality of Django. Most beginners liked Django Framework, but why do they like Django? You know at JafriCode, you read articles related to web development, web programming, Computer Programming languages, etc with explanations. We will discuss different features that are related to Django due for that reason beginners give preference to learn Django Framework. Let’s learn more!

What is a Framework?

Basically, Framework is the structure, using that we build new things. Such type of structure help to develop products rapidly. Because it has predefined components that are used in developing specific things. For example, you want to build software, if you use any framework to develop software, you will be given important components with predefined coding e.g CRUD operations application, you have to modify code according to your needs and requirements.

What is Web framework?

A web framework is the collection of predefined important components related to web development. It is the standard and recommended way to develop websites or web applications. We can also say that it is a web application framework. Mostly every programming language has its web framework using that you can make websites or web applications. As Django, Codeginiter, etc.
It saves our time to write coding from scratch to get the required functionality. It gives ready-made coding, just you have to modify as you want. For example, if you want to create a form in HTML, then create a database for that form to store data. After this you display a form to the user frontend template then you write pure coding to get value from input fields and then store in a variable, after it, you will write a code that saves that data to the database. It is a very long process, you can do this long process in some lines if you are using a web framework like Django Framework.

What is Django Framework?

The Python web framework is Django which is totally open-source, which means you can change its source code according to your requirements. But we did not need to customize its code, without changing its source code, we can build any kind of functional website or web application.
It safe development time because it has predefined modules, functions and other components which help the developer to build readily soft.
It’s pronounced as “Jango” which was related in 2005 as open-source under GPL (General Public Licence). The website developed with Django will provide security, SEO friendly environment, Scalable, Versatile.

There are different prefined components that help in fast development like authentication, authorization, sign in, sign up, logout, sessions, cookies, caches, etc.

Why Django Framework is liked by Beginner students?

There are different features in Django due for that reason beginners like Django Framework to learn web development. It will be beneficial for beginners if their first framework is Django. To your knowledge, I completely learn Django as the first web framework, very nice and cool on those days with Django. So let’s start to learn why beginners like Django Development.

Features of Django

1) Fast Development.

Very first point is that its development speed is very fast. We can develop any type of website or web-based application rapidly because there are predefined components are available in the Django framework, just we have customized use according to our requirements. So due to its fast development features, beginners like Django Framework.

2) Open Source

2nd point is about Django is open-source. Open-source means, its all the source code is available publically. We can use or edit/update its source code according to your requirements. But there is no need to customize because Django provides a great facility to build required modules easily.

3) Vast and Supported Community

3rd point is about to DJ community. As I research and joined Facebook groups related to Django Framework,  I understood that there is a vast and great community of DJ. Anyone like that skill about that if there is supported community. So DJ community fully support beginners students or those who want to learn DJ.

4) Great Documentation

4th point is about its documentation on the official website. There is no tutorials or reduces is best than its official documentation. They explained and provide each and everything in their documentation. How to use Django models, forms, model forms, sessions, cookies, cache, sitemaps etc. You will learn from its great documentation through thousands of examples.

5) Written in Python (Python is trended programming language)

Django framework is the python product. The Python programming language is a very vast and famous language that pay its responsibilities in a variety of fields for different types of development. Django has become more popular and trended due to Python because Python is the language that is top of the list if you search on the internet what is the top language of 2021 for data science, AI, ML etc.

6) Much Resources to learn

If you are really want to learn, then there are lots of paid and free crouse are available on the internet you can join. Besides this, Django documentation provides a great description for all about its components. A great opportunity for you is YouTube, you will get many free courses, you will learn in detail if you are serious to learn.

The important resource for beginners to learn Django:

  • YouTube
  • Udemy
  • Django Documentation
  • Django PDF book

7) Easy to learn if your first framework

7th point is about its easiness learning. It is true that students want to learn anything else in easiness and simple way. If you teach or learn complex mode you cannot improve your mind skills. So Django basically easy to learn for students if their first web framework to learn. Because there are no complexities in DJ which make confusion or doubts for you.

8) Scope in the field of web development

It is true that Django is based on the Python programming language, which is utilized for developing standard websites or web-based applications. It has a great scope in the field of Web development because Django has become famous due to Python standards and powerful libraries lie pandas, Scikit-Learn, Numpy, TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch etc. If you read jobs related to web development, you will see that there are a number of industries looking for Django web developers. Because Django is the web framework that follows the MVT architectural pattern design. Due to good scope in the field of website development, beginners take an interest to learn Django to make space in the industry for JOB.

9) SEO Friendly

SEO is the Search Engine Optimization technique, used to rank a website in search engines. Actually, we want to develop a website in such a way that is easily optimized, in a good performance, like by user and searcher engine. This quality we want to get from a website. For this reason, we do SEO for a website, to do this, we have to use SEO techniques, tools, skills, etc. Django web framework provides the best SEO optimization tips, you have to follow that. On this platform, we have published an article about Django SEO optimization tips and techniques, you must take that tutorial.

10) Provide Security

Django Security is very important for any website or web based application. Because without security your website is in black water. We need to provide good security to the client website because a website contains sensitive and important data like banks, education, government department etc. So Django provides different techniques and skills used to make a secure website. If you want to learn more about Django security then we have published a complete tutorials

Learn Complete Django Security

Now! what you have to do?

As you have understood this article about “Why Django Framework is liked by Beginners?”, now you have got more knowledge about Django features, you will be cleared many things after reading this article as I hope. In case of any issues or problems, don’t worry, you can discuss them with us.

On other hand, If you have any suggestions or knowledge about this article, you can share it with us, we will appreciate you!

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