What is Virtual Environment in Django Project | Django Tutorials

What is virtual environment in Django copy
Django Django Tutorials Virtual Environment

What is Virtual Environment in Django Project | Django Tutorials

What is Virtual Environment in Django Project | Django Tutorials

Are looking for an answer to What is Virtual Environment in Django Project? Then you are at the right place because we will discuss such a topic in detail with example. Django is a Python-based web framework. You know every programming language or framework, etc updated by their developer’s team. At JafriCode, we also update our tutorials as we feel the need because we want to show updated information to our readers. So we discuss more in this tutorial, keep reading!. There are different things we have to understand while learning Django, one of them, today we are learning what is a virtual environment.

What is Virtual Environment | Example?

If you are familiar with programming languages or frameworks etc. You will have notices that when the new version released, the old function did not work sometimes because they replace with new functions. e.g some tags did not work with the new version of the web browser because they become deprecated, in that place new tags are added.

Now! What is Virtual Environment in Django?

Same as this one, Django has a different version from 1.0 to 3.2.  The functions, modules, etc in old versions become deprecated in the new versions. If you note here, there is some issue, because when you develop a website or web application in Django with 2.0 versions and after some time 3 version is released then your website’s some function will not work properly because your website is developed in Django 2 version but Django 3.0 version released.

That is an issue to be fixed. Its solution is that we have to create an environment in which our website or web application is safe from the affection of other releasing of Django versions. That environment is a virtual environment.

From my experience: I noticed to expert and senior developer, they don’t develop any small project without virtual environment. They always cerate VE for Django projects then they start their original tasks in a project. It is the best practice for our students that are at beginner level in Django learning.

Django Project in Virtual Environment

After understanding What is Virtual Environment in Django, then you will need to understand how to Create VE because it is very important to make practice for every project to create. So, in this tutorial, we cannot share all the methods and techniques to create VE, but we have written another tutorial, in which we have discussed everything, you will find our next tutorial in this article.

You should know some important concepts related to VE, when you create a virtual environment for your new project, a newborn python environment is created in which we can install other libraries (like Django) because its libraries are different from the global environment.

For example, you have a VE in which you installed two libraries A and B. But in the global environment, there are three libraries are installed as C D E. To understand when you active in your virtual environment, then you will be able to use only A and B Libary but unable to access C, D, and E library.

After installing the virtual environment and start a new Django project in a virtual environment, then your application uses the libraries that are installed in your VE, it will not use the global library environment as your system have.

Creating Virtual Environment

It is the Django tutorial for our beginner students, who want to learn how to create a virtual environment for their Django project. In the following tutorials, we have explained each and everything we understood that it is necessary to share with students we shared. So read the following tutorial from start to end. If you face any problems or issue then don’t forget to discuss with us.



We have discussed What is Virtual Environment in Django, We have shared knowledge, concepts example as experience. There are different steps you should know related to VE.

  • First of all, create VE for your Django project
  • Install Django in your VE
  • Work in your project, activate and deactivate, you can do

I hope, you have understood which shared some knowledge with you. If you have any confusion then share your questions below the comment box. We will help you and appreciate it.

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