Complete Guide on Prerequisites for Learning Django? | Django Tutorials

Complete Guide on Prerequisites for learning Django
Django Django Tutorials

Complete Guide on Prerequisites for Learning Django? | Django Tutorials

Complete Guide on Prerequisites for learning Django?

Django is the web framework that is used to create a secure website/web application. Most big companies are developed websites/web applications using Django. Websites are easily maintained by Django because they provide SEO friendly environment. We will discuss here a complete guide on prerequisites for learning Django. Because now a day, everyone wants to learn Django because it has more powerful features to achieve targets. So, here we will share knowledge for beginners if you want to enter the field of web development with Django.

If you search on google to find out the best Python-based web framework, then you will find Django is the top listed framework. It has a big community on social media platforms or Google etc. You will find more solutions to problems if you face any problems while working.

Prerequisites for Learning Django

Why need Prerequisites for learning Django? Because if you learn anything you have to know its basic or previous knowledge. Without getting knowledge of its background knowledge you can understand it properly. So, to learn Django you have to learn to know about something which we are discussing here. Then you will be able to learn Django properly and work on it.

There are two different categories that I made, required skill is very necessary before going to Django, if you did not want to learn the required skills, then you can learn DJ.

Required Skills 


HTML is the hypertext markup language that is used to create web pages. It is easily understood by the web browser. For all the work related to insertion into a web page like insert image, audio, video to a web page, you have to write code using HTML.

Without learning HTML you can not create a single web page. To learn HTML first then go to another step.

Learn HTML


CSS is the Cascading Style Sheet that is used to design a web page.  When you create a web page using HTML, it is not so attractive, to make a web page attractive, beautiful, user-friendly then you need to use CSS. it is just like a design sheet.

So must learn CSS with HTML to complete your skill that is web designing.

Learn CSS


You Django is a web framework that is written in Python. Python is a high-level programming language that has powerful features to develop any kind of system. So you have to learn Python first then understand the architecture of Django. You did not need to learn complete or expert level python you have to just focus on the basic knowledge of Python.

  • How to run a python file
  • Baisc numenr and string operation
  • Understand the indentation and basic syntax of Python.
  • Python Programming control structures as conditional loops.
  • You should know how to make conditions using if, elif, etc
  • Creating function and Passing arguments

If you have the above knowledge related to Python you can start Django easily. let’s start Python first.

Python tutorial 

Optional Skills 


It is the HTML, CSS framework. All the web developers, designers use bootstrap to design a website rapidly. Because you can get the required HTML CSS coding from the bootstrap official website in your web project. The designing that you cannot get from HTML CSS pure coding, you can get from bootstrap. Every website uses bootstrap, so if you want to improve your skills then must learn Boostrap.


JavaScript is the frontend programming language. You can achieve a different kind of feature that a website has using JS. It is an optional skill if you are learning Django. Different kinds of functionalities in the website we can do with JS, like in eCommerce cart functionality, time, browser-related functions, session and cookies related, etc.

Don’t worry you can get all functionality using Python but sometimes you will need JavaScript.


I hope, you have understood the prerequisites for learning Django, if you have other confusion or if you want to share your confusion while learning Django then must share it with us. We will provide you best suggestions on the basis of our experience.

If you use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or other social media platforms, then share this Django tutorial, if you share, more students will take the chance to learn.

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