I Shared Programming Goals at Kachhi Mountains

Visited Kachhi Mountains to Share Programming Goals

In this article, I have detailed everything about the programming goals that I didn’t initially set in my mind but shared with friends to gather more courage and strategies for success. I delve into the strategies I employed to achieve my goals, which were discussed during my tour of the Kachhi mountains with friends.

Faisal Zamir programming goals at kachhi

This article covers everything related to the success or failure in achieving my programming goals. It’s a must-read to gain insight and learn from the experiences I faced.

Why do I visit the Kachhhi Mountains?

As I hail from the tehsil of Dera Ismail Khan, specifically Paharpur in Pakistan, I am drawn to the vast desert landscapes near my hometown. My friends and I share a common interest in exploring these areas to unwind, organize parties, and engage in various activities.

Recently, three of us decided to embark on an adventure to the Kachhi Mountains, a mere 6 kilometers away from our homes. We planned to engage in discussions about our goals, careers, and aspirations amidst the serene beauty of nature.

This was the time I was enrolled at Qurtuba Univerys for a master’s degree in computer science and hard working to get a 4 GPA with the first position. To overcome my mind’s study load and to get refreshment, this is the reason.

You might wonder why a programmer, instructor, and Python developer would choose to visit the Kachhi Mountains. The simple answer is our shared interests, a desire for entertainment, and the pursuit of pure enjoyment. Additionally, I saw this trip as an opportunity to share insights into my career in programming and web development with my friends.

Given their expertise in guiding, online work, and technical problem-solving, I sought their advice and perspective to refine my own career goals. Thus, the main purpose of our visit was not only for leisure but also to exchange ideas and seek guidance to further our respective careers.

Programming Goals That I shared

These are the differences that I discussed with my friends to get more ideas and suggestions from friends. These goals when I shared them with them, they gave me the courage and prayer to succeed in these goals.

Goal NumberGoalAchieved or Not?
1Becoming a Proficient InstructorYes
2Establishing a Web Academy in KachhiYes
3Mastering Programming SkillsYes
4Specializing in Python ProgrammingYes


Becoming a Proficient Instructor:

My goal is to excel in the art of instruction, fostering an engaging and effective learning environment for students in various subjects. And achieving this goal as I am a known instructor and teach worldwide students on the internet.

Establishing a Web Academy in Kachhi:

I aspire to create a dedicated platform, a web academy, in the scenic surroundings of Kachhi. This academy will serve as a hub for individuals eager to learn and explore the realms of web development. Many students are willing to learn the web and other technologies but there are no such academies or programs that provide the necessary knowledge for web-related skills.

Mastering Programming Skills:

I am committed to acquiring a comprehensive understanding of different programming, encompassing a wide array of languages and concepts, to become a versatile and skilled developer. And this gaols I have these goals because now I have command of the majority of programming languages and teaching to students.

Specializing in Python Programming:

With a keen focus on Python programming, I got a guide from my university professor. It is my life goal to learn Python and develop different courses, software, applications, etc on courses on Python.

Programming Goals achievement strategy

In this section, I want to share some strategies that I used to achieve my goals, which were sometimes very challenging for me. Everyone aspires to succeed in life, but sometimes failure occurs due to improper strategies.

The strategy I employed to succeed in programming was quite different from others. I faced the challenge of having no job, no money, no pocket money, and a lack of experience in online work and programming. Despite these limitations, I endeavored to acquire programming expertise and accomplish the goals I had set.

Faisal Zamri JafriCode achivement for programming goals

I sought help from friends to access the internet for downloading PDF books related to various subjects such as Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and WordPress. Additionally, for programming-related video courses, I relied heavily on YouTube, downloading lectures on different programming and web topics. I then utilized these materials offline, as my internet access was limited.

Another strategy I employed was writing programming codes in a notebook. I purchased a register and diligently transcribed code while watching video lectures on my laptop. This method proved to be highly effective for me, as the act of physically writing with a pen enhanced my understanding and retention of the material.

Following these methods, I secured a job as a computer science professor in a college, where I taught students various computer topics and programming concepts like C++. During this period, I pursued my MCS degree from a city university and began teaching online courses on Udemy.

The revenue I earned from Udemy courses helped support my family and address other challenges. Eventually, I decided to leave the college and focus solely on my online teaching endeavors.

Failure or Success

Alright, students, let’s talk about whether our programming goals related to the Kachhi Mountains can be considered a failure or a success based on the information provided.

During our journey, we aimed to achieve several programming goals:

Python Learning

Our commitment to learning Python was a definite success. Many of us have significantly enhanced our Python skills, which is evident from our ability to teach Python to students worldwide online. A different course I created on Python language online, means that we have completed this goal.

Becoming a Good Instructor

I have much experience in teaching any subject like chemistry, math, physics, etc which is why I was successful in becoming a good instructor.

You know another successful outcome is our progress in becoming proficient instructors. Teaching students from diverse backgrounds online showcases our ability to effectively communicate complex programming concepts. And created an online platform where thousands of students learn from our different courses and give positive feedback for my teaching style and method.

Creating a Web Academy Online

Despite not establishing a physical web academy in the mountains, our discussions and efforts towards creating an online platform for learning signify a step in the right direction. This goal is also considered successful because the platform is created for worldwide students to get lessons from the web to learn.

Command on Other Programming Languages

Many of us have expanded our command over various programming languages, enabling us to teach a wide range of programming courses. This achievement contributes to our growth as educators in the field of programming.

Here is what you can learn from a video about programming goals:


In this post, you have read about my Programming goals as I shared them publically here with everyone but I shared them with my friends to get different suggestions from them. Some of them I got in success but some fail due to lack of resources and interest. The purpose of sharing my programming goals with you is to give the impression to beginners that everyone needs to create some goals and start some strategy to achieve them.

What goals do you have for programming related?


What is the primary goal of Programming?

The primary goal of programming is to find problems around your environment that are faced by humans and try to fix those problems using programming. If there are problems you need to think logically to solve those problems using programming which is the main central goal of programming.

Why need to learn programming?

You need to learn to program because today one wants to solve problems digitally by creating any application, website, or software. This digital system can be built with programming, which is why you need to learn it to solve problems creating digital systems.

Will JafriCode provide a programming learning video?

Yes, JafriCode will provide video lectures related to programming that is published on different platforms like Udmey, tutorialspoint, eduonix, YouTube, etc. JafriCode created complete courses on Udemy you can enroll in those courses.

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