I created a new STUDIO for Programming videos

I created a New Studio for Programming videos with a New Microphone

In this article, I have detailed everything about my experience setting up my first studio for creating programming videos for students. I discussed the various problems I encountered and how I solved them.

Additionally, I shared the different items I purchased for a complete setup and other important recommendations. I encourage you to read this article to gain valuable insights and experiences!

Why do I feel it’s needed?

It was my programming goal to teach programming in a different style that every beginner student could get easily.

There were various experiences I attempted to create quality videos for my students, such as purchasing a good microphone, optimizing my environment, and adjusting laptop settings, but I failed to achieve the desired results. After struggling, I realized the necessity of establishing a proper setup for shooting videos and lectures for my students.

Faisal Zamir at Qurtuba university

Quality is essential for any product, and it’s the actual competition in the market. When I observed the market, I noticed top trending creators who produced high-quality videos and utilized sophisticated software. However, due to limited resources, I decided to invest in a new studio specifically for programming videos where I can effectively teach my students.

My 1st Studio for Programing videos

My first studio for programming videos was quite different and very simple, mainly due to a lack of resources. It was essentially a blank room with no plaster or decorations. I chose this room to record videos for my students because I wanted to create high-quality and noise-free content.

However, being part of a joint family, it became extremely challenging to create videos in such an environment due to noise and other disturbances. This initial studio setup at my home ultimately failed to meet my needs due to the improper environment.

At times, I attempted to record videos in schools, colleges, or on the second floor of my house, but these attempts were also unsuccessful due to the lack of a permanent setup. These were the challenges I faced with my first studios for creating programming videos.

Difficulties to create my New Studio

You’re aware of the various difficulties I encountered with my first studio setup, prompting the need to create a new one. However, establishing a professional studio in 2023 posed numerous challenges, particularly related to budget constraints and other logistical issues.

S NoDifficultyDifficulty Level
1Unreliable Electricity SupplyHigh
2Financial ConstraintsMedium
3Equipment ProcurementMedium
4Logistical IssuesMedium


To begin with, I had to address the unreliable electricity supply in our region by investing in a robust battery setup for backup power. With only 40% electricity availability over 24 hours, I needed LED batteries to store chemical energy and inverters to convert this stored energy into electrical power to operate essential devices like mobile phones, lights, and laptops.

Furthermore, setting up the studio required the purchase of essential equipment such as a high-quality laptop, microphone, lighting fixtures, and furniture, all of which incurred significant costs. Despite the initial financial hurdles, I managed to procure everything necessary through careful budget management.

On a positive note, I was able to acquire the latest model of a popular company’s video shooting equipment from the local market, marking a significant step forward in establishing the studio. These are the various challenges and solutions I encountered while building a setup to create programming and AI-related videos for my students.

After creating a new Studio What I got?

After developing a new setup for programming video creation, I gained valuable insights that I’d like to share. Firstly, it’s essential to have a separate cabin or room that is soundproofed to minimize distractions from outside noises such as children playing or birds chirping.

programming video studio faisal zamir

Secondly, while investing in a high-quality microphone is important, the priority should be on creating a silent environment rather than solely relying on the mic’s capabilities. Lastly, using reliable software like Camtasia is crucial as it offers features for video creation, editing, and noise removal, making it an ideal choice for content creators.

I got different things professionally fixed as I learned different concepts, from Qurtuba University’s expert professor which is why I got a 4 GPA from programming courses.

Overall, focusing on creating a conducive environment and utilizing efficient software are key factors in producing high-quality programming videos.

Don’t make mistakes while creating a video studio

I’d like to highlight some common problems or mistakes beginners might encounter, such as a lack of soundproofing, excessive focus on microphone quality, and inadequate software tools. I

It’s important to prioritize purchasing a budget-friendly microphone, and a mid-range laptop, setting up a soundproof room, and using simple editing software.

By focusing on these essentials, beginners can start creating videos for their audience effectively.

This is the video that I created for the first time series related to web designing jQuery:


Everything a beginner needs to know about setting up a studio for creating videos on any topic, whether it’s programming or otherwise, is covered in this article. It’s packed with information to guide beginners through the process.

After reading this article, you’ll have a clear understanding of the various aspects involved. Feel free to ask questions or share your problems in the comment section for further assistance.

What problem you are facing?


Why need to create programming videos?

Due to high demand from students searching on platforms like Google, YouTube, Udemy, etc., the scope for development in this field is at the top. Therefore, it is necessary to create programming video content to train students in developing programming-based systems.

What is the next goal of JafriCode?

JafriCode’s next goal is to assemble a team of developers to create an AI-based system to solve problems. This goal is currently in the process of defining its scope and related aspects, and an official announcement will be made once it is finalized.

Are these programming videos with free availability?

Yes, JafriCode has created numerous programming videos that are accessible free of cost. However, for more in-depth learning and to receive a certificate, enrollment in our paid courses on Udemy is required.

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