Full Stack Web Development with Python

full stack web development with python

Full Stack Web Development with Python

Detailed Note on Full Stack Web Development with Python

We have published different articles related to Python as web development with Python, TOP Real-world applications developed with PythonCreating a website with Python, etc. But today we have to discuss Full stack web development with Python. Because there are a lot of jobs are available in the organization they require a full stack web developer. If you don’t know what is full-stack web development, we will explain it with an example in this article. If you read this article from start to end you will be cleared and everything related to full stack web development with Python.

What is a Web Development

Web development is the huge field in which we develop websites or web applications that can be run on the internet. And it may be a static website as well as a dynamic website. Today most websites are dynamic which display data dynamically retrieving from the database. The website or web application can be accessed via WWW (world wide web).

There are different techniques or technology you have to learn as HTML, CSS, JS, Database, and any programming language. You should know there are different ways to develop a website such as using pure web programming, CMS system, MVC, MVT, etc.

There are different types of website or web application can be developed:

  • Business Website
  • Magazine
  • Blogs
  • Portfolio
  • Entertainment Website
  • Portfolio Website
  • Media Website
  • Landing pages
  • Nonprofit Website
  • Educational Website
  • Personal Website
  • Social media
  • Directory
  • eCommerce
  • Web Portal
  • Q & A website
  • Forum

What is a full-stack web development

Note: To understand Full-stack web development you have to learn frontend and backend development, So please read this section from start to end.

The website which we develop has two sides one is the frontend and the other is the backend. Both are very important to know because both have their own importance.

Frontend Development: 

The frontend is the user interface side where users can interact with your website content. It is referred to that way when we use HTML, CSS, and JS to develop a website structure, designing and control designing of a website. If you want to learn Frontend development then you have to understand both web language/skills.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Boostrap
  • JS

The person who has knowledge of the above skills then we say him/her Frontend developer.

Backend Development:

To become Full Stack Web Development with Python, it is not sufficient to learn frontend but after frontend, there is backend development, what mean for backend development? The backend is the part of the website which referred to the functionality of a website.

It works with website functionalities and it’s working which users cannot see. For example when you search anything else in the search box of a website, then you get all the information according to your search query, but the user cannot see inside its functionality how it is working, its algorithm, etc. Because it is working backside of the website. To get the required functionality, we take advantage of backend development. To work with backend development, we need backend side skills

  • Programming language e.g Python, Java, PHP, etc
  • Database
  • GIT
  • Problem-solving skill

Full-stack Development:

Now come to the topic of this section that what is full-stack web development.

If you have cleared backend and frontend development then you will be cleared full-stack web development.

Full-stack web development is the development in which we do work on both the frontend and backend sides. In another word, we use both techniques, languages, technologies that are used in the backend and frontend sides. And for your knowledge, we are discussing Full Stack Web Development with Python in this article.

So for full-stack development, you should have knowledge of the following skills

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Boostrap
  • JS
  • Programming language e.g Python, Java, PHP, etc
  • Database
  • GIT
  • Problem-solving skill

Who is the full stack developer?

It is the person who has knowledge of backend development and frontend development, then we called it full stack developer. In some cases, the software industry needs only backend or frontend developers in their development team. So then developers apply for their specific job. But sometimes they offer full-stack development, so the developer who has knowledge of both technology of backend and frontend then apply for that job.

What is Python

As you know we are learning Full Stack Web Development with Python, due for that reason we have to cover its basics to reach our topic. So if you have knowledge of basic Python as its introduction etc, then don’t need to read this paragraph just move to another.

Python is the general-purpose programming language that is used in a variety of fields to get request functionality. Guido van Rossum develops the Python language in 1991. Big companies like Google, Spotify, Instagram, Dropbox, Instagram,  Netflix, Facebook, and Reddit use Python in their projects that are used at a high standard.

It also supports OOP (Object Oriented Programming) features. It means we can work in an environment in which we consider everything objects that has properties and behavior.

The pyhon.org is the official website of Python where you can read more about it and you can download any versions from its official website.

What is the role of Python in web development?

As we have discussed web development, that what is it, and the different technologies that are used in it. And we also studied that what is Python its features, importance, etc. But in this section, we have to share knowledge that what is the role of Python in web development, in which part, functionality a python is used? So we will discuss this thing here. So, in the following points, you can read to understand:

  • It is used in web development to  develop a dynamic website
  • It is used to develop eCommerce websites. It becomes very easy to get the required functionality. For this, we have to use the Python-based library that is Django. In Django you can develop an eCommerce website easily
  • The social network application in which all the users in touch with each other having their own profiles. They can share different things with each other. Such applications allow users to talk to each other with live chat. Such types of web applications can be developed with Python. There are different frameworks that are used to build such applications. So Django is the best web framework in this development.
  • Sometimes we need JavaScript because it the most famous web language used to control the frontend side and may use to get the required functionality. In real we can write JS code in the Python file but using pyjs we can write JavaScript code in a python file. So some Python developers write JS coding in the .py file to complete the website’s functionality.

Can Python be used for full-stack development?

If we say in short answer, I say YES.  But only Python cannot be used in full-stack development, but you have to learn other technology also to work with full-stack web development. You know we have discussed in detail at the start of this article, that Python is the programming language used on the backend side to work with backend side functionality.

You have cleared the topic, Full Stack Web Development with Python because we are discussing different things around our main topic. After reading the complete article, you will be clear that what you have to do now! So continue reading..!

And we also discussed in full-stack development, you have to cover both frontend development as well as backend side development. We cannot use only the Python programming language to cover all the full-stack development because Python is used to control, manage, develop the functionality.

But it is not used to make a structure, design, or layout of a website. To control structure, designing, layout, color matching, etc is managed by frontend side technology like HMTL, CSS, JS, etc.

How you can Learn Full Stack Web Development with Python

You can learn Full-stack web development with Python easily, learning some web programming languages and other skills. As to become a full-stack developer you need to cover both frontend side development backend side development also, then your development will be full-stack.

A website may have different functionalities like sign-up / registration forms. When a user registers, an email to his/her given email as confirmation registration, after confirmation you are registered legally. To get such functionality you have to use Python. But to use Python in web development you need to select any web framework as Django, Flask, etc.

Now I tell you how you can learn full stack web development with Python, I share just the skills that you have to learn, If you have learned those skills it means you have become a Python full stack web developer.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Boostrap (optional)
  • JS(optional)
  • Python Programming
  • Python-based web framework e.g Django
  • Database
  • GIT (optional)
  • Problem-solving skill

Is Python Django full stack?

The question is that is Python Django full stack or not? The answer is YES. Because Django is the Python-based web framework in which we can control both frontend side development and backend-side development. So in Django, you can become a full-stack web developer.

You know Django is the Python web-based framework in which we can develop any kind of website or web applications, in which we can do work of backend side development and frontend side development. As for frontend development, you have to focus on HTML, CSS, Boostrap, JS, to do that you should have to understand HTML tags, CSS properties, how to design HTML elements, etc.
And to get HTML elements predesigned then you have to use bootstrap because bootstrap is the framework of HTML and CSS. To control the frontend side and for some functionality we used JS.
So for the backend, you have to focus on Python programming, because you are using the Python web framework that is Django. To get the functionality you have to write Python coding, for example, sign-in sign-up, email confirmation, searching records, and finding required data,

Courses you need to take for Full Stack Web Development with Python

These are the recommended courses:


Sure, you have read an article about Full Stack Web Development with Python, in which we have discussed different things for your benefit, that you got more knowledge, information, examples. After reading the article, you have to decide wheater you have to learn full stack web development with Python or not? If you have to learn, then take that course which we mentioned for you.

If you have any questions in your mind while reading out the tutorial, then must share them with us. We will provide you the best solution possible.

If you use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or other social media platforms, then share this Django tutorial, if you share, more students will take the chance to learn.

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