Django interview Questions and Answers | Django Tutorials

Django interview Questions and Answers

Django interview Questions and Answers | Django Tutorials

Django Interview Questions and Answers

If you are interested to work in the IT industry, then you should have to prepare for the interview. In this article, we will share Django Interview Questions and Answers that will be beneficial for you. If you prepare the following question with an answer, it will great chance to clear your Job interview InshaAllah. It is not enough to prepare but you should have practical work experience in Django development and also theoretical concepts. We are providing the idea, that you should have knowledge of such questions because the following question may ask during the interview

What is Django?

You know, Python is the most famous and TOP programming language in a variety of development fields. Django is also a web development library of Python that is used to build a website, web application. If you want to develop software rapidly then you need to use of framework which contains predecided functions and modules, same like this It has a predefined component which used to build a complete website like Form, sessions, Cookies, Cache, Models, etc.

Why Django is the most famous?

The Django web framework is liked by Beginners due to the following features as Django has. If you have basic knowledge and information about Python then you will choose a Python-based web framework because Python is a powerful programming language that has standard libraries to work with a variety of fields like Data Science, Data Analytics, web development, etc. So, you know Django is also a product of Python. So let’s learn about its features.

  1. Great Documentation
  2. Written in Python (Python is trended programming language)
  3. Much Resources to learn
  4. Easy to learn if your first framework
  5. Scope in the field of web development
  6. SEO Friendly
  7. Scalable
  8. Versatile
  9. Flexible
  10. Provide Security
  11. Fast Development.

Need of Django Developer in industries

There are thousands of IT industries that offer Django jobs with some experience but sometimes they are looking for fresh developers. If you search Django job in the industry you will get a lot of jobs in which you were asking about the job description, experience, academic education, etc. And after selection, You are called to interview, at that time you should be prepared for Django interview questions and answers because they put the basic and complex type of questions, you have to prepare all about.
If you want to work with Django in the industry you should have the following skills at least:
  • Front end development techniques (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript)
  • Experience in Python programming
  • Good experience in Django project development
  • Knowledge of Rest API (Django Rest Framework)
  • Database knowledge
  • Software Development life cycle
  • Experience writing unit tests
  • English Communication

Django Interview Questions and Answers

The following Django questions are very important you should have the knowledge, we have explained each question with a detailed answer. If you have still confused, then you can discuss it with us without hesitation. Let’s start to learn!

  1. What is Django?
  2. What does Django mean?
  3. Which architectural pattern does Django Follow?
  4. Explain the architecture of Django?
  5. Which foundation manages the Django web framework?
  6. Is Django stable?
  7. What are the features available in the Django web framework?
  8. What are the advantages of using Django for web development?
  9. What are the various files that are created when you create a Django Project? Explain briefly.
  10. What are the advantages of using Django?
  11. How to create a project in Django?
  12. What are the inheritance styles in Django?
  13. How can you set up the database in Django?
  14. What do the Django templates contain?
  15. Is Django a content management system (CMS)?
  16. What are the inheritance styles in Django?
  17. What is the use of the session framework in Django?
  18. How can you set up static files in Django?
  19. How do you check for the version of Django installed on your system?
  20. How to use file-based sessions?
  21. What is some typical usage of middlewares in Django?
  22. Which foundation manages the Django web framework?
  23. What do of Django field class types do?
  24. What are the disadvantages of Django?
  25. Is Django a high-level web framework or a low-level framework?
  26. How do you connect your Django Project to the database?
  27. What is the command to start Django’s built-in development server?
  28. How would you pronounce Django?
  29. Given a model named ‘User’ that contains a DateTime field named ‘last_login’, how do you query for users that have never logged in?
  30. What does the Django command ` shell` do?
  31. Explain Django’s architecture.
  32. Assuming you’ve imported the proper Django model file, how do you add a ‘User’ model to the Django admin?
  33. What are the features of Django?
  34. What is the Django command to start a new app named ‘users’ in an existing project?
  35. What are the features available in Django web framework?
  36. What does a file do in Django?
  37. Do you know any companies that use Django?
  38. What is the command to run Django’s development server on port 8080 on IP address
  39. Give a brief about the Django admin.
  40. Django is written using what programming language?

Now! what you have to do?

As you have understood this article about “Django interview Questions and Answers”, now you must follow instructions as discussed in this article. In case of any issues or problems, don’t worry, you can discuss them with us.

On other hand, If you have any suggestions or knowledge about this article, you can share it with us, we will appreciate you!

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