Django Form Validation | Complete Django Tutorials

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Django Django Tutorials

Django Form Validation | Complete Django Tutorials

Django Form Validation | Django Tutorials

To learn Django Form Validation I want to share some knowledge about Form. So, it is used to collect data from users in different ways for different purposes. It may be for online registrations, creating an account, accessing the backend of an application, etc. Without Form, a website is not more beneficial because it is a very important factor in the website. In universities, colleges, or in academies, instructors must teach such topics to their students.

Because you have to read Form in programming while developing desktop applications or web-based, or in every CMS system or web framework, you need to learn a complete chapter of Form. There are different methods and techniques you need to apply to get proper data from users and use that data for different purposes.

What is validation and why need in DjangoForm to set.

Validation is the action of checking or proving the validity or accuracy of something. Actually, we want to make data valid data because we did not perform any operations on invalid data. So to retrieve something from data or process on data, it should be valid first then we will be able to use that data for different purposes.
We want to learn it in Django, there is Form API in Django which gives the facility to the developer to create an HTML form to collect data from the user. And provide some way to validate data. Because users can enter any kind of data that is maybe invalid so to avoid users that don’t enter invalid data then we define some rules and restrictions on form fields.

Steps to Use Django Form Validation

To make validation on the DjangoForm field you have to do the following steps
  • Create Django project at first
  • Make application and include in file
  • Then create a file in your application folder
  • You need to make a model class in which all data will store (Do makemigrations and migrate)
  • Open your file and create a form for that model class
  • After defining forms fields in the sequare breakest, you have to define clean method which i have used below in the soruce code
  • After doing these then look at the following code.
class F_Yourmodel(forms.ModelForm):
    class Meta:
    model = Your model # Mention your model name
    fields = [‘mention your fields name separated with commas’]
    def clean_fieldname(self): # Mention your field name for which you want to make validation
        discount = self.cleaned_data[‘fieldname’]
        if fieldname.isnumeric() is not True and fieldname!=””:
            raise forms.ValidationError(‘field name should be in numeric character’)
        return fieldname

So above lines of code will help you to create a validation on any fields and display a message to the user while submitting a form

This validation saying if fieldname field contains alphabetical data then it will raise an error because we set a validation rule in which we are saying to check is it numeric data or not.


We have discussed Django Form Validation with basic knowledge with our readers but we will add more examples, knowledge, and explanations with this Django tutorial, so keep reading our tutorial.

As you have read above this article, you must keep in your mind some points which i am sharing with you:

  • When you develop or design a Django Form, you need to validate the input fields.
  • Display a meaningful message to the user when a user enters invalid data
  • It is very helpful to use form validation because only required data is sent to database tables and saves your database space.
  • More Knowledge, we will share, so keep updated!

If you have any questions in your mind while reading out the tutorial, then must share them with us. We will provide you the best solution possible.

If you use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or other social media platforms, then share this Django tutorial, if you share, more students will take the chance to learn.

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