Hack – Django Applications Examples | Complete Django Tutorials

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Django Django Tutorials

Hack – Django Applications Examples | Complete Django Tutorials

Explanation | Django Applications Examples?

Are you looking to know Django applications examples? Sure, you will find that in this tutorial if you read from start to end. You should know, Django is the Python-based web framework that is used by big companies. You can create any kind of website/web application using Django due to its powerful features.

You know Python is a famous language due to its easy, simple, readable syntax. Due to this reason most students want to learn Python. And Django is also written in the Python programming language. Sure, it will be easy and simple to use for beginners. In Django examples, we can take one of them is the CMS system.

CMS is the content management system that is mostly used by users to manage their content easily in a friendly environment. Such an environment can be provided by the Django framework like Django CMS, Wagtail, Mezzanine, ButterCMS, etc.

But in this Django tutorial, we will share Django Applications examples with you that are mostly used by the users for different purposes. If you search in the internet world you will find lots of examples of websites/ web applications that are developed in Django.

There is something that makes our bind set to focus on such a framework that is the user-friendly environment, easy to use, large community support when facing any issue.

I will share knowledge with you to understand where Django applications are existing. You will find that in the field of websites or web applications, there is a number of websites that are converting to the Django web framework. Because its trending graph going to upward.

Why use Django?

There is something that makes Django the most trended one web framework. Some of them I want to share here!

  • Easy to use
  • Large community support
  • Python-based (Top language)
  • Manageable coding

Django Applications Examples | Famous Companies

There are different kinds of websites you can use with Django, some of which I mention here. These are types of websites you can build easily but need to search and understand. Most of the time, you understood every kind of website needs the same struggle and hard work but it depends upon the functionality of the website which contains different types of functionalities.

  • YouTube
  • DropBox
  • Google
  • Uber
  • Lyft
  • Facebook
  • Netflix
  • Quora
  • Instagram
  • Spotify

Websites can be developed with Python and Django

You know, Python is a high-level programing language that has the powerful ability to develop any kind of application or can create an automation script, etc. So as I searched on the internet to find out, which kind of website or web application can be developed with Django & Python. Django is the web framework that is written in Python. We can fully use Python in Django to achieve targets using libraries.

  • Ecommerce
  • LMS
  • Questions and Answer
  • Real estate
  • SEO tools
  • Blog
  • Personal
  • Travel Agency
  • Social networks
  • News websites


Django Applications examples are shared in this Django tutorial, in which  I tried to explore the knowledge I have. In short, I shared knowledge what which kind of website you can develop with Django and how much big companies prefer Python Django in their big projects.

After studying this article, what you want to do? I suggest you that learn Django from the beginner level, There are different resources you can follow but JafriCode is also the best resource to learn Django as you know. If you learn, then you will be able to develop any kind of Web project in Django just need to do your practices which help you in becoming an expert developer.

If you use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or other social media platforms, then share this Django tutorial, if you share, more students will take the chance to learn.

After reading today’s topic, if you face any problem while reading, understanding please discuss it with us. If you have understood and have any relevant questions then please discuss with us in the following comment section

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