Differentiate Django project and Django apps | Django Tutorials

Difference Between project and Application in Django copy
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Differentiate Django project and Django apps | Django Tutorials

Introduction Sentences | Differentiate Django project and Django apps

In this Django tutorial, we will learn to Differentiate Django project and Django apps. You will learn more things here to learn. Actually, mostly beginner students confuse about differentiating projects and applications in Django. But today we want to explain the difference between them in detail. So, you know Django is the web framework, in which we can develop a large application in which different kinds of modules and functionality exist.

And the large application has more functionality and difficult to understand its flow of work or flow of code for beginners. Because it is so complex to develop as well as also to understand.

When developers develop such kind of project, they divide its functionality into simpler phases for their own better understanding. Each functionality takes on a different phase. Then after completing all phases they combine in one place to complete the project.

Therefore, we have to understand Django, because we are learning Django. If you read the below discussion you will find at the end the best answer to this question ”Differentiate Django project and Django apps”. So, let’s start to read!

Differentiate Django project and Django apps

We divide the article into simple headings, you can understand easily. First of all, we explain what is actually a project and how to create it, then what is an application and how to create it. So in the following discussion, you will be cleared what is the difference between them.

What is the Project in Django

It is a very simple concept, just try to understand. Have you created any application or website with Django for your testing or learning purposes? if yes then it is very easy for you to understand.

For example, when you run django-admin startproject projectname, then after running this command you’ll get a projectname project directory that contains a projectname Python package. That package will contain these files settings.py, urls.py, asgi.py, and wsgi.py.

How to Create a Django Project?

It is not difficult, as we have learned above you have to just run the following command to create Django project

django-admin startproject projectname, projectname is the name of your project, it will be the name of your website or application. So be aware while choosing a project name.

What is an Application in Django?

A Django project has multiple applications, for example, School is the project name and registration, online exam, fees management, sports, etc these are all applications inside the School project. So application means, a separate function in the project. We divide a  project functionality into different kinds of applications, each functionality refers to a single application. it makes it easy for developers to control applications.

How to Create Apps in Django

After creating a project you need to create an application because of all the functionality-related projects we write in a specific application. When you run the following command you will get a folder with newappp name. In the folder, you will find different files having their own special meaning and purposes.

python manage.py startapp newappp

  • __init__.py
  • admin.py
  • apps.py
  • migrations
  • models.py
  • tests.py
  • views.py

All the above files you will get after running the command.


I hope, you have understood the topic “differentiate Django project and Django apps”. If you have any queries related to this topic, we will give a good response to you.

If you use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or other social media platforms, then share this Django tutorial, if you share, more students will take the chance to learn.

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