Difference between MVC and MVT architecture design patterns

mvc vs mvt artchitecture
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Difference between MVC and MVT architecture design patterns

Difference between MVC and MVT architecture design patterns

As you are learning Django from the basic level to advance, that why you have to clear each concept because it will help you to learn another framework also, we have to study about Difference between MVC and MVT architecture design patterns. But before this one, we have to understand some terminologies, necessary to understand. So let’s start learning!

Model, View, Template, and Controller | MVC vs MVT

For your knowledge, if you don’t know these terms, we define all terms like model, view, and controller

Model:  A application needs related logical data that a user needs and works with that data. when the user request for web page hitting URL then this model provides data between view and controller when need. In short, it contains data about entities (like students, products, things, etc) in a structured form( Row and column form).
View:  All the user interface logic for any application, view section is used. sometimes we use logic to achieve any functionality for the application in the view section. We also used a function-based or class bases view. Do you want to make some logics that what should do and how should do it? Then make logic in the views.py file in your Django application folder.
Controller: Controller name indicating that it controls both view section logics and model-related logical data. Because it controls the request coming from the user and response from the server. It gives the result to the user on request interacting with view and model components.
Template: Template is the HTML CSS web page that needs to display data to the user as frontend. This is used in MVT architectural design patterns.  e.g Django used MVT, here we have to render a template in the view section when the user wants to get a web page, it sends a request, in the response it renders a template to show the result to the user.

What is MVC? | Django Tutorials

MVC stands for the Model view controller. It is the software architecture design pattern using that a developer builds software in a managed way. Because it divides the logic into three interconnected parts (elements). It sperate the code into different sections. Then combining the all code from three different parts, join together to give accurate results in the browser, if you are developing a website or web application. I personally like such a development design pattern, because it makes it very easy to debug, which section has bugs, then easily to be fixed.

What is MVT?| Django Tutorials

MVT stands for model view template, it is also a software design architecture pattern. There are three things/components which combine together to give a result to the user. Model is the database table that has a record about an entity, the view is the function or class-based and the template is the HTML CSS web page that has frontend design.
So, the python Django framework is followed MVT in which “T” for the template. When we hit a URL then it goes to its model class then combines the template and its view section. View section used to render a template and also have functionality /logic.

Difference between MVC and MVT

In MVC, there is a control for that you have to write specific code. But in MVT you did not need to write code for the controller and this work is assigned to a framework, which means this specific code writing work is done by the framework itself.


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