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About This Course

Learn 5 Programming Languages in ONE COURSE | Programming Courses

There are programming courses, you can take enrollment to learn computer programming languages. In this course, I have provided lectures about Five programming languages. This is a single course, you will learn Five programming languages. The following computer programming languages are discussed in this course.

  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • PHP
  • C++

These languages are highly recommended to learn for a programmer because when you searched on the internet you will find these languages at top of the list. Using these languages you can develop any type of software, applications, etc. There are different topics discussed along these five languages with proper programming examples using IDE visual studio code.

Computer Programming languages | Programming Courses

Computer programming languages are sets of instructions that computers can understand and execute. These languages are used to create software, applications, and websites that we use every day. There are numerous programming languages available, each with its own set of rules and conventions.

Programming languages can be broadly classified into three types: low-level, high-level, and scripting languages. Low-level languages like Assembly Language are machine-dependent and are used to write software that directly interacts with computer hardware. High-level languages like Python, C++, and Java are more human-readable and closer to natural language, making them easier to learn and use. Scripting languages like JavaScript and Ruby are used to write small programs that can be embedded in web pages.

Choosing the right programming language depends on the type of application or software you want to build. For example, Python is great for data analysis and scientific computing, while Java is often used for building large-scale enterprise applications.

Programming languages are constantly evolving and new languages are being developed all the time. However, it’s important to note that learning one language can make it easier to learn others. Once you understand the fundamental concepts of programming, you can easily transition to a new language.


Python is a general-purpose and most famous programming language that is invented by Guido van Rossum on February 20, 1991. You can make your enrollment in our most important and recommended course if you want to learn Python from start to end with full practice and exercises with their solution.

Master in Python 

Python in 7 Days

Python 100+ Simple problems with Solution

Python 100+ Intermediate problems with Solution

Python 100+ Simple Complex with Solution


If I discuss with you JavaScript that is invented by Brendan Eich in 1995, the most important programing language is used as the front end side for a website. If you want to become a good web designer, then JavaScript is a highly recommended programming language to learn after HTML and CSS.

If you want to learn Complete JavaSript then make your enrollment in the following courses.

Complete JavaScript Course with Practical 

JavaScript in 7 Days


C# is also the most famous programming language, especially for desktop applications invented by Microsoft Corporation in 2000. You can create websites, web applications, desktop applications, network applications, etc using C#.


PHP is developed by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. It is the preprocessor hypertext programming language which is a server-side scripting language. You need to get a server like apache to work with PHP. PHP is the programming language, most famous in web development. Almost 70% of websites that developed with PHP.

If you want to learn complete PHP you can make your enrollment in the following courses.

Complete PHP Programming language 

Top Three applications developed with PHP and MySQLi


C++ is the most famous programming language invented by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1983. It is considered a basic programming language for beginners. Using C++ you can create a variety of software, websites, applications, desktop applications, etc. There is a high demand for C++ in system software like Operating systems.

Lifetime Support:

After purchasing this course from JafriCode, I will provide lifetime support.

My support related to the following points:

  • Accessing video lectures after purchasing the Course.
  • In accessing study materials
  • In understanding any topic ( Course Topic).

Why Enrollment from JafriCode for Programming Courses?

Because I will Provide:
  • Clear topic
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  • Proper management of Study Materials
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  • Assignment and Quiz
  • Lifetime support

Different topics will discuss in this Course.

  • Basics for Every Programming languages
  • Input and Output Functions
  • Data Types in All 5 Programming Languages
  • Variables in All 5 Programming Languages
  • Operators in All 5 Programming Languages
  • Decision making in All 5 Programming Languages
  • Functions in All 5 Programming Languages
  • Loops in All 5 Programming Languages
  • Data Structure in All 5 Programming Languages
  • Quiz based on  Programming Languages
  • Assignment based on  Programming Languages
  • Programming Examples

Learning Objectives

Basics for Every Programming languages
Input and Output Functions
Data Types in All 5 Programming Languages 
Variables in All 5 Programming Languages 
Operators in All 5 Programming Languages 
Decision making in All 5 Programming Languages 
Functions in All 5 Programming Languages 
Loops in All 5 Programming Languages 
Data Structure in All 5 Programming Languages 
Quiz based on  Programming Languages 
Assignment based on  Programming Languages 
Programming Examples

Material Includes

  • Video Lectures
  • PPT Slides
  • Source Code


  • Watch video one by one to learn properly All Computer Programming Languages
  • Watch the video, and write code with an instructor (me)
  • You need to do hard work, then you will learn any skill
  • Complete this Course within ONE month, then make practice, writing your own code
  • Read PPT slides and get help from source code, in case of any problem
  • Ask any question, if you face any problems while learning with me

Target Audience

  • It is for those students who to learn Computer Programming languages
  • Learn Python with Examples 
  • Learn to JavaScropt with Examples 
  • Learn to C# with Examples 
  • Learn PHP with Examples 
  • Learn to C++ with Examples 


67 Lessons5h 45m

Chapter 01

1 Chapter 01 Five Programming Language00:3:33
2 Basics of Comptuer Programming Languages00:8:10
3 Basics of 5 Programming Languages00:6:35
4 IDEs (Downlaod AND Install) for 5 Programming Languages00:3:29
5 Five Programming Languages Requirements00:4:55
6 Hello Word Program in 5 Programming Languages00:16:26
7 Reserved Words in 5 Programming Languages00:2:59
8 Terminatation in 5 Programming Languages00:1:45
9 Comments in 5 Programming Languages00:7:45
10 Next Chapter 02 Topic00:00:26

Chapter 02

Chapter 03

Chapter 04

Chapter 05

Chapter 06

Chapter 07

Chapter 08

Chapter 09

Chapter 10

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Learn Five Programming Languages | Programming Courses

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Material Includes

  • Video Lectures
  • PPT Slides
  • Source Code
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