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About This Course

Master in Python Course with Certificate

As you know that Python becomes so famous in the field of development, this is the python course with certificate in 99 days. You will get assignments, quizzes, video lectures, problems, and their solution,s etc. This course help you to become a Python developer.

Python is a free, open-source, and cross-platform programming language that is used by big companies in their general and special projects like Google, Udmey, etc. As Python is a general-purpose and most famous programming language, which is used in a variety of fields like web development, artificial intelligence, data analytics, data science, machine learning, etc.

Python has become one of the most popular programming languages in recent years, and its popularity shows no signs of slowing down. There are several reasons why Python has become so famous:


Python is a versatile language that can be used for a wide range of applications, from web development and data analysis to artificial intelligence and machine learning. Its ease of use and readability also make it a popular choice for beginners who are just starting to learn programming.


Python has a large and active community of developers who contribute to its development and offer support to others. This community has created a vast array of libraries and frameworks that make it easy to develop complex applications with minimal coding.


Python has gained traction in the field of data science, where it is often used to analyze and visualize data. As businesses and organizations continue to rely more heavily on data-driven decision-making, the demand for Python developers has skyrocketed.


Python has a bright future, with many experts predicting that it will continue to grow in popularity and play an even greater role in the tech industry in the coming years. Its versatility, ease of use, and vast community of developers make it a powerful tool for any programmer or organization.

Today, it is very necessary for developers to learn Python because nowadays Python is the trended programming language in the field of development. If you check, what trended programming language is nowadays, you will find Python. So learn Python Programming language.

In Master, in Core Python Programming you will learn all about cord Python. The topics covered in this course, I have mentioned in outlines in detail and also on this page.

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Previously, I published Master’s in HTML and CSS course. that is related to web designing which is very important for those students who to become web designers. To learn the complete description of that course you can visit the below link:

Master in HTML and CSS course

Scope and Trend of Python Programming

Python is the top-of-the-list programming language when you search on the internet. Nowadays, everyone wants to learn programming to do something, I will suggest they, learn Python. Because it has high scope in the field of development.

There are different things, due to that Python has a high scope and trended programming language, that is mentioned below:

  • Simple and Easy Syntax
  • Free and Open source
  • Cross Platform
  • Used in a variety of fields like (AI, ML, Data Science, Web Development, Data Analytics, Robotics, Computer vision, Game Development, etc)
  • Large Communities
  • Powerful Libraries
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Network Programming

Job Opportunities for Python Programming

If you have learned Python Programming, you can find a Python-based job easily, but it depends upon your Pyhton knowledge level (Beginner, Intermediate, Expert). There are different suggestions I will share with you:

  • Python.org
  • Linkedin
  • StackOverflow
  • Upwork.com
  • Rozee.pk
  • Indeed.com
  • GlassDoor.com
  • Tiotal.com
  • Careers.google.com

Salaries for Python Programmer

Python developers take the highest salary if search on the internet. These are the following results as I searched on the internet to find out.

According to salary.com a Python Developer gets $89,050 and $105,558. per year
According to indeed.com a Python Developer gets $106,649 per year
According to glassdoor.com a Python Developer gets $101,893 per year

Make money with Python Programming

As we are providing a Python course with certificate to students, that will complete in 99 days. It will be helpful to students to become professional python developers. In this section, you will learn how you can make money through Python programming.

Python programming offers a multitude of opportunities for making money. With Python’s versatility and ease of use, it has been adopted by a wide range of industries, including finance, healthcare, e-commerce, and more. One way to make money with Python is by developing applications or software for clients. Freelancing platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr are great places to find clients looking for Python developers.

Another way to earn money with Python is by creating and selling your own software products or tools. You can also monetize your Python skills by teaching others through online courses, tutorials, or workshops. As the demand for Python programming continues to grow, there are endless opportunities for those who have mastered this popular language.

Whether you’re looking to start your own business or work for an existing company, Python programming can offer a lucrative and rewarding career path.

More methods to make money with Python 

There are different ways to make money through Python programming. Some of them, I will share it with you. If you have learned Python, you can make money easily through different resources as I mentioned in the following:

  • After learning Python, you can start to solve different problems through programming
  • You can create any type of application that will help people in different areas. Then you can sell that application.
  • You can create a blog, where you can provide Python lessons or tutorials. Or a general discussion on Python programming. After getting more visitors you can make money through that blog using advertisements.
  • Another method is fiver.com, you have to create an account on fiver, provide your services, and wait for an order. After getting the order you can make money.
  • Upwork.com is the best platform to make money online, you have to search Python related jobs, then apply.

Lifetime Support:

After purchasing this course from JafriCode, I will provide lifetime support.

My support related to the following points:

  • If you have problems accessing video lectures after purchasing the Course.
  • If you have problems while accessing study materials (Notes and Source Code)
  • If you have problems in understanding any topic (As discussed in the Course).

Why Enrollment from JafriCode for Python Course with Certificate ?

Because I will Provide:
  • Good Quality for Video and Audio Lectures
  • Clear topic
  • Problems (Exercises) and their solution
  • Examples
  • PPT Slides Notes
  • Source Code
  • Practical Project with source code
  • Assignments and Quizzes
  • Proper management of Study Materials
Different topics will be discussed in this Python Course with Certificate , some of them, I shared:
  • If you want to know about course outlines in detail you can view the attachments.
  • Python Basics (Scope and Trends)
  • Setup and Installation
  • Hello World and Important Concepts in Python
  • Variables and Data Types
  • All types of Operators
  • List Tuple Dictionary Set
  • List Comprehension, Tuple Comprehension, Set Comprehension, Dictionary Comprehension
  • Function, Loop, String and Number, Time
  • Python Object Oriented
  • Exercises and Solution
  • Assignments
  • Quizzes
  • Website Creation in Django

So after Python Course with certificate you will be able to work on Pythona s developer to write code in the backend.

Learning Objectives

If you want to know about course outlines in detail you can view the attachments.
Python Basics (Scope and Trends)
Setup and Installation
Hello World and Important Concepts in Python
Variables and Data Types
All types of Operators
List Tuple Dictionary Set
List Comprehension, Tuple Comprehension, Set Comprehension, Dictionary Comprehension
Function, Loop, String and Number, Time
Python Object Oriented
Exercises and Solution
Website Creation in Django

Material Includes

  • Video Lectures
  • PPT Slides
  • Source Code
  • Problems and Solutions
  • Assignments and Quizzes


  • Watch video one by one to learn properly Python Programming
  • Watch the video, and write code with the instructor (me)
  • You need to do hard work, then you will learn any skill
  • Complete this Course within a week, then make practice, writing your own code
  • Read PPT slides and get help from source code, in case of any problem
  • Learn, Master in Python Course, Python Problem Solving Course after this course
  • Ask any question, if you face any problems while learning with me

Target Audience

  • It is for those students who to become a Python Developer
  • Clear your Python Concepts
  • Learn Data Science, Web Development, Machine Learning, and Acritical Language after this course.
  • Solve different problems using Python
  • Python Assignments and Quizzes


518 Lessons32h 8m

Python – Day 01

1 Dayo 01 Outlines00:2:31
2 Introduction to Python Day 0100:5:35
3 Scope of Python – Day 0100:4:8Preview
4 Examples of Python – Day 0100:4:4
5 Python Jobs Opportunities -Day 0100:12:44Preview
6 Python Developers Salaries – Day 0100:3:13
7 Python Different Fields – Day 0100:3:47
8 Companies that Used Python – Day 0100:2:21
9 Next Topic for Day 0200:00:28Preview

Python – Day 02

Python – Day 03

Python – Day 04

Python – Day 05

Python – Day 06

Python – Day 07

Python – Day 08

Python – Day 09

Python – Day 10

Python – Day 11

Python – Day 12

Python – Day 13

Python – Day 14

Python – Day 15

Python – Day 16

Python – Day 17

Python – Day 18

Python – Day 19

Python – Day 20

Python – Day 21

Python – Day 22

Python – Day 23

Python – Day 24

Python – Day 25

Python – Day 26

Python – Day 27

Python – Day 28

Python – Day 29

Python – Day 30

Python – Day 31

Python – Day 32

Python – Day 33

Python – Day 34

Python – Day 35

Python – Day 36

Python – Day 37

Python – Day 38

Python – Day 39

Python – Day 40

Python – Day 41

Python – Day 42

Python – Day 43

Python – Day 44

Python – Day 45

Python – Day 46

Python – Day 47

Python – Day 48

Python – Day 49

Python – Day 50

Python – Day 51

Python – Day 52

Python – Day 53

Python – Day 54

Python – Day 55

Python – Day 56

Python – Day 57

Python – Day 58

Python – Day 59

Python – Day 60

Python – Day 61

Python – Day 62

Python – Day 63

Python – Day 64

Python – Day 65

Python – Day 66

Python – Day 67

Python – Day 68

Python – Day 69

Python – Day 70

Python – Day 71

Python – Day 72

Python – Day 73

Python – Day 74

Python – Day 75

Python – Day 76

Python – Day 77

Python – Day 78

Python – Day 79

Python – Day 80

Python – Day 81

Python – Day 82

Python – Day 83

Python – Day 84

Python – Day 85

Python – Day 86

Python – Day 87

Python – Day 88

Python – Day 89

Python – Day 90

Python – Day 91

Python – Day 92

Python – Day 93

Python – Day 94

Python – Day 95

Python – Day 96

Python – Day 97

Python – Day 98

Python – Day 99

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