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About This Course

Complete Full Stack Web Development Course

This is the Full Stack Web Development Course for those students who want to become professional web developers. Web Development is the collection of different skills like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, etc, and Programming languages like PHP, Python, etc, Database, CMS Systems, MVC, etc. Also, Web development is the process of creating a website from a simple website to a complex or dynamic website.

Previously, I published Top Three Web Application with PHP and MySQLi. A web application that runs in any browser, for example, Facebook, YouTube, Alibaba, etc. In that course, I have discussed how a beginner student can start to learn to create a web application using PHP programming language. I selected PHP Programming language because 70+% of total websites are developed using PHP. So PHP is a very important programming language.

Online Web Development Courses with Certificates

Online web development courses with certificates offer a great opportunity to gain new skills and advance your career in the tech industry. These courses provide a flexible and convenient way to learn web development from anywhere, at any time. With a certificate upon completion, you can showcase your new skills to potential employers and increase your chances of landing your dream job. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced programmer, there are online courses available to suit your needs. So why wait? Enroll in an online web development course with a certificate today and take the first step towards achieving your career goals.

Scope and Trend of Web Development

As you know Web Development is the process of creating a website from a static to a dynamic website that has a collection of skills. If we discuss its scope and trend, you have to read the following points that I am sharing with you!

  • Everyone (company or organization) wants a website for their business, marketing, teaching, learning, sharing knowledge, etc
  • Every businessman who wants to promote his/her business, and needs a web developer who develops a website for their business.
  • Students take an interest to read/getting lectures from the internet (Website), there are different schools/colleges/universities that create LMS type of websites for their students to share knowledge/notes/ / study materials.
  • Today, everyone needs any business (online) to increase revenue rapidly, and there is no method than an online business. Only online businesses can increase your revenue. That is why that person needs a web developer, who creates a website for that person who wants to start any business. The business may be like an online store, online teaching, online buying sailing (digital or physical products)
  • Some organizations or companies find web developer who create web application for their organization or company to make work easier. Like schools/colleges or universities need web application-type software to get online enrollment of students or student admission.

To understand the complete web development scope/trends/ career, you have to read and complete this Course description, then you have to decide whether you have to buy this course or not.

Job opportunities for Web Developer

If I discuss with you job opportunities for Full Stack Web Development Course then there are some suggestions for you:

  • There are many job opportunities you can find on (upwork.com, rozee.pk,linkedin.com, indeed.com, betterteam).
  • After learning web development you can find a Web Development job from these platforms because you will find suitable jobs from your nearest location from the above-mentioned platforms.
  • You can also start your own business in your physical current location (This business depends upon your region people’s trends/business ideas etc)
  • After learning Web development you can start freelancing from a different platform to provide your services and earn money like upwork.com and fiver.com etc.

Salaries for Web Developer

You know that there are many job opportunities for a web developer, so you should know how much salary there is for a web developer if you are selected (salary depends upon company policies.).

According to Coursera:

Entry level from $47,000 to $90,000.
Intermediate from $63,000 to $98,000.
Senior $83,095.from all industries of USA, the average salary is $82,559
(This information is taken from glassdoor.com)

Make money with Full Stack Web Development Course

It is very important to know that, how you can make money with web development skills. Because after learning any skill, you have to earn money through that skill. I share some ways using that you can make money through web development.

  • You can create an account on fiver to provide your web development service to get orders from different clients.
  • You can create an account on upwork.com, after publishing any jobs, you can apply for that job to get an interview, and after passing the interview you will be able to start work with them to start earning money.
  • After learning web development, you can start teaching in your local area building any basic-level academy. You can get charges/fees from your student who wants to learn web development.
  • If you want to increase your income from teaching, you can start teaching online through different platforms like Udemy.com. Or you can also create your own LMS website to teach students directly.
  • Another method is that you can provide your web development services to your local area organization or companies, if they will be interested then they will give order to create a web application or website.

Lifetime Support:

After purchasing this course from JafriCode, I will provide lifetime support.

My support related to the following points:

  • Problems accessing video lectures after purchasing the Course.
  • Problems accessing study materials (Notes and Source Code)
  • Problems in understanding any topic (As discussed in the Course).

Why Enrollment from JafriCode for Full Stack Web Development Course?

Because I will Provide:
  • Problems and their solution
  • Exercises
  • PPT Slides Notes
  • Source Code
  • Practical Projects with source code
  • Assignments
  • Proper management of Study Materials
  • Clear topic
  • Good Quality for Video and Audio Lectures

Do you want to become a Professional Web Developer? Then this course is for you. You can make enrollment in this course if you want to become a full-stack developer because we will discuss front-end and back-end skills with complete practicals. There are different skills you will learn from this course.

Complete Web Developer = Full Stack web developer = Front-End Developer + Back-End Developer

Important Note:

This is the collection of different courses that have already been published separately for example

Unique Content in this Web Development Course: As I have already discussed, this course contains a collection of different courses that have already been published, if you have already enrolled in that course, it means that you have learned almost web designing. But there is something unique in this course, mentioned below:

  • Introduction to Web Development (Basic Concepts)

Different Skills will be discussed in this Full Stack Web Development Course:

  • Web Development Basics Concepts
  • PHP and MySQLi
  • Complete HTML and CSS
  • Complete JavaScript
  • jQuery (JavaScript Library) with Project
  • Blog type Websites
  • CRUD Based applications
  • Web Templates Created using Bootstrap
  • SEO (Basics concepts)

Learning Objectives

After this course, you will be able to write code for HTML, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, PHP, MySQLi queries and functions
A basic structure for a website using HTML and CSS
Insert media (Images, video audio) in a website
To optimize the image on your website
Create web template using Bootstrap
Create CMS system using PHP and MySQLi
Manage sessions for an application
Develop register, login, and logout type of application using PHP
Solve problems using JavaScript
Learn other skills like Python, Java, and WordPress, etc
Transfer PHP project to live server on Cpanel
Understand the basic level of SEO (Search engine optimization)
And more…

Material Includes

  • Video Lectures
  • PPT Slides Notes
  • Source Code
  • Problems and their Solution
  • Assignments


  • Watch videos one by one to learn them properly Skill (Discuss in this Course)
  • And write code with an instructor (me)
  • You need to do hard work, then you will learn any skill
  • Complete this Course within two months, then make practice, writing your own code
  • Read PPT slides and get help from source code, in case of any problem
  • Ask any question, if you face any problems while learning with me

Target Audience

  • It is for those students who want to learn Backend and Frontend web development
  • Creating PHP Web based application
  • Learn JavaScript Code
  • Solve problems using JavaScript
  • Become a web developer with PHP Programming language
  • Learn jQuery (JavaScript Library)
  • Learn other programing languages like Python, Java, etc after this course.
  • Understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


428 Lessons41h 2m

HTML – Chapter 01

1 Chapter 01 Introduction to HTML00:1:20
2 HTML Introduction and Basic Structure00:11:40
3 HTML Attributes with Examples00:7:47
4 HTML Headings and Paragraph with Examples00:7:15
5 HTML Comments with Examples00:3:58
6 HTML Quotations with Example00:3:14

HTML – Chapter 02

HTML – Chapter 03

HTML – Chapter 04

HTML – Chapter 05

HTML – Chapter 06

HTML – Chapter 07

HTML – Chapter 08

HTML – Chapter 09

HTML – Chapter 10

HTML – Chapter 11

HTML – Chapter 12

HTML – Chapter 13

CSS- Chapter 01

CSS- Chapter 02

CSS- Chapter 03

CSS- Chapter 04

CSS- Chapter 05

CSS- Chapter 06

CSS- Chapter 07

CSS- Chapter 08

CSS- Chapter 09

CSS- Chapter 10

Introduction to Web Development

PHP – Chapter 01

PHP – Chapter 02

PHP – Chapter 03

PHP – Chapter 04

PHP – Chapter 05

PHP – Chapter 06

PHP – Chapter 07

PHP – Chapter 08

PHP – Chapter 09

PHP – Chapter 10

MySQLi – Chapter 01

MySQLi – Chapter 02

MySQLi – Chapter 03

MySQLi – Chapter 04

MySQLi – Chapter 05

MySQLi – Chapter 06

MySQLi – Chapter 07

MySQLi – Chapter 08

MySQLi – Chapter 09

MySQLi – Chapter 10

CMS System in PHP and MySQLi

Move CMS Project to LiveServer

CRUD Application (Student Management)

CRUD Application with Register, Login & Logout Features

Web Templates Creation with Bootstrap

JavaScript Basic Chapter 01

JavaScript Basic Chapter 02

JavaScript Basic Chapter 03

JavaScript Basic Chapter 04

JavaScript Basic Chapter 05

JavaScript Basic Chapter 06

JavaScript Basic Chapter 07

JavaScript Basic Chapter 08

JavaScript Object Chapter 01

JavaScript Object Chapter 02

JavaScript Object Chapter 03

JavaScript Object Chapter 04

JavaScript Object Chapter 05

JavaScript Object Chapter 06

JavaScript Object Chapter 07

jQuery Chapter 01

jQuery Chapter 02

jQuery Chapter 03

jQuery Chapter 04

jQuery Chapter 05

Web SEO (Basic Concepts)

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Material Includes

  • Video Lectures
  • PPT Slides Notes
  • Source Code
  • Problems and their Solution
  • Assignments
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