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[100%] The Insightful OpenAI ChatBot – ChatGPT Course

49 Lessons
3.5 hours
All Levels

ChatGPT | Complete OpenAI ChatBot ChatGPT Course This course is …

What you'll learn
Basics of OpenAI ChatGPT
ChatGPT as Content Creator
ChatGPT Jobs / Make Money with ChatGPT
Programming Languages Conversion
ChatGPT as Code generator
Creating WordPress website
ChatGPT Ideas / Suggestions in different fields
ChatGPT for Python Developers

[Insightful] 60+ PHP Exercises with Solution for Web Developers

62 Lessons
6.7 hours

60+ PHP Exercises with Solutions for Web Developers PHP is …

What you'll learn
Basics PHP Exercises with Solutions
Variables Exercises with Solutions
Data types Exercises with Solutions
String Exercises with Solutions
Number Exercises with Solutions
Operators' Exercises with Solutions
Decision-making Exercises with Solutions
Loop Exercises with Solutions
Function Exercises with Solutions
Array Exercises with Solutions

Learn 5 Programming Languages in ONE COURSE | Programming Courses

67 Lessons
5.8 hours
All Levels

Learn 5 Programming Languages in ONE COURSE | Programming Courses …

What you'll learn
Basics for Every Programming languages
Input and Output Functions
Data Types in All 5 Programming Languages 
Variables in All 5 Programming Languages 
Operators in All 5 Programming Languages 
Decision making in All 5 Programming Languages 
Functions in All 5 Programming Languages 
Loops in All 5 Programming Languages 
Data Structure in All 5 Programming Languages 
Quiz based on  Programming Languages 
Assignment based on  Programming Languages 
Programming Examples

[Insightful] Complete Full Stack Web Development Course

428 Lessons
41 hours
All Levels

Complete Full Stack Web Development Course This is the Full …

What you'll learn
After this course, you will be able to write code for HTML, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, PHP, MySQLi queries and functions
A basic structure for a website using HTML and CSS
Insert media (Images, video audio) in a website
To optimize the image on your website
Create web template using Bootstrap
Create CMS system using PHP and MySQLi
Manage sessions for an application
Develop register, login, and logout type of application using PHP
Solve problems using JavaScript
Learn other skills like Python, Java, and WordPress, etc
Transfer PHP project to live server on Cpanel
Understand the basic level of SEO (Search engine optimization)
And more…

Top Three (3) PHP Web Application Projects (PHP and MySQL i)

43 Lessons
6.5 hours

Top Three PHP Web Application Projects (PHP and MySQL(i)) PHP …

What you'll learn
PHP Programming concepts
CRUD Type of applications
Registration (Sign up) Functionality
Login Functionality
Logout Functionality
Session Functionality
Secure Application from Unauthenticated user
Blog type of website
User Management
User Post Management
User Profile Editing / Setting

Complete Web Designing Course Online with Certificate

300 Lessons
27 hours
All Levels

Complete Web Designing Course Online A web designing course can …

What you'll learn
How to create templates using Bootstrap
HTML Basics, Tags, Elements, Headings, and Paragraphs
Links, Image, Tables, Lists, Path, Inline and Block level Element, Complete Head Part
Complete Layout, Layout Creating practical
HTML Recommendation, HTML Semantic, Responsive Design in HTML
HTML Form, Multimedia
CSS Basics, Syntax, All Selectors types Background, Units
Button, Font, Text, Shadow, Gradient, Opacity
Float, Overflow, Display, Visibility, Column, Icons
Border, Outline, Padding & Margin
Specificity, Pseudo element and Class
2D Transform, 3D Transform, Transition, Animation
Media queries,
How to Design a Form, Link, List, Navigation bar, Pagination, or Table using CSS
JavaScript Basics, Hello World, Variables, Comments, Reserved Words, I/O, Operators and all types,
const, var, let keywords, Data types and type conversion
Decision Making, if, if else, if else if, switch
Loop and Loop types as for, for in, for of, while, do-while
Function, Argument, and parameter, variable in a function
JavaScript writing code, code debugging
JavaScript object (creating, accessing)
JavaScript String, string methods numbers, number methods, array, array methods, terminologies
Boolean data type, Date Object
Math and its functions
jQuery Introduction, Features, Setup, Syntax
Selectors Types, Events
Fade Effect, Hide / Show Effect
Slide, Callback, Chaining, Animation, Stop
addClass() append() after() before()
insertAfter() insertBefore() clone() CSS()
empty() remove() hasClass() height()
width() removeAttr() removeClass()
text() html() val()
And more

Complete MySQLi Course with Certificate

45 Lessons
4.1 hours
All Levels

Complete MySQLi Course MySQLi is a PHP extension used for …

What you'll learn
Introduction to MySQL, PHP API, MySQL vs MySQLi
Setup & Installation, Website, and Database
Creating a MySQL Database, Connecting to MySQL Database
What is Query (INSERT, SELECT, Update, Delete)
Where Clause (IN & NOT IN BETWEEN, All Operators
LIKE, AND, OR, NOT Operator
LIMIT Clause, MAX Function, MIN Function
Count Function, SUM Function, AVG Function
Export and IMPORT Database

Complete PHP Web Development Course

77 Lessons
7.1 hours
All Levels

Complete PHP Web Development Course This is the PHP Web …

What you'll learn
Introduction to PHP, Scope, Applications, Setup
Syntax, Hello World Program, Echo vs Print
Comments, Reserved Word, Escape Sequence
Variable and Constant?
Scalar Types, Compound Types, Special Types
String, and built-in methods
Integers, Floats, Infinity, NaN, Numerical Strings
Type conversions, Math Functions
Operator, Arithmetic, Comparison, Logical
Assignment, Conditional, Increment, and Decrement
String, Array
Decisions Making, if, if...else, Nested if, If else if Switch statement
Loop, While Loop, Do/while Loop, For Loop, Foreach Loop, Break and Continue
Function, Types of Function, Parameter, and Arguments
One argument, Multiple arguments, the Default argument
Keyword argument, Position argument
Array, Types of Array(Indexed, Associative, Multidimensional)
Sorting Array, foreach loop with array
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