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Exploring Data Science: Comprehensive Pandas Course for Data Analysis and Visualization

111 Lessons
10.7 hours
All Levels

Exploring Data Science: Comprehensive Pandas Course for Data Analysis and …

What you'll learn
Understand the fundamentals of Pandas, its importance in data analysis, and the wide range of tasks it can accomplish.
Install Pandas and execute basic programs to perform data analysis.
Familiarize themselves with different data structures in Pandas, such as Series, DataFrame, and Panel.
Apply descriptive statistics methods and inferential statistics functions for data analysis.
Utilize various function application techniques, including element-wise, row or column-wise, and table-wise operations.
Master reindexing, iteration, and sorting techniques to manipulate and organize data effectively.
Explore the rich set of string methods available in Pandas for text data processing and manipulation.
Customize display options, data types, and data cleaning/manipulation processes according to specific requirements.
Learn indexing and selecting techniques using label-based or integer-based indexing, boolean indexing, and string-based querying.
Perform window functions such as rolling, expanding, and exponentially weighted moving average (ewm) for data analysis.
Understand the concept of grouping data, apply aggregation functions, and filter and transform data based on groups.
Handle categorical data using various methods, including type conversion, value counting, reordering categories, and handling missing categories.
Visualize data using line plots, bar plots, histograms, scatter plots, box plots, area plots, heatmaps, and density plots.
Master I/O tools for reading and writing data in different formats such as CSV, Excel, and JSON.
Explore sparse data features and learn to handle and analyze data with missing values efficiently.

Complete C++ Programming in ONE DAY

22 Lessons
3.1 hours
All Levels

Introduction to Course – Complete C++ Programming in ONE DAY …

What you'll learn
Understand the basics of C++ programming, including program structure, input/output operations, comments, and data types.
Utilize operators for mathematical calculations, manipulate strings, and work with boolean values for logical operations.
Implement decision-making constructs, such as if-else statements, to control program flow based on specific conditions.
Employ loops, including break and continue statements, to perform repetitive tasks and control loop execution.
Master the concept of arrays, enabling them to store and manipulate collections of data efficiently.
Grasp the fundamentals of pointers, a powerful concept in C++, allowing for direct memory manipulation and advanced programming techniques.
Create and work with functions, understanding the importance of modular and reusable code.
Explore function overloading, allowing multiple functions with the same name but different parameters.

[Insightful] 60+ PHP Exercises with Solution for Web Developers

62 Lessons
6.7 hours

60+ PHP Exercises with Solutions for Web Developers PHP is …

What you'll learn
Basics PHP Exercises with Solutions
Variables Exercises with Solutions
Data types Exercises with Solutions
String Exercises with Solutions
Number Exercises with Solutions
Operators' Exercises with Solutions
Decision-making Exercises with Solutions
Loop Exercises with Solutions
Function Exercises with Solutions
Array Exercises with Solutions

Learn 5 Programming Languages in ONE COURSE | Programming Courses

67 Lessons
5.8 hours
All Levels

Learn 5 Programming Languages in ONE COURSE | Programming Courses …

What you'll learn
Basics for Every Programming languages
Input and Output Functions
Data Types in All 5 Programming Languages 
Variables in All 5 Programming Languages 
Operators in All 5 Programming Languages 
Decision making in All 5 Programming Languages 
Functions in All 5 Programming Languages 
Loops in All 5 Programming Languages 
Data Structure in All 5 Programming Languages 
Quiz based on  Programming Languages 
Assignment based on  Programming Languages 
Programming Examples
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