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Complete PHP Programming in ONE DAY

28 Lessons
3.5 hours
All Levels

Introduction to Course – Complete PHP Programming in ONE DAY …

What you'll learn
Morning Time Lectures Outlines:
Introduction to PHP programming language.
Setting up the development environment for PHP.
Understanding variables and constants in PHP.
Handling input and output operations in PHP.
Utilizing comments to document code effectively.
Exploring different data types in PHP.
Afternoon Time Lectures Outlines:
7. Working with operators for mathematical and logical operations in PHP.
Implementing decision-making constructs such as if-else statements in PHP.
Implementing loops for iterative execution in PHP.
Working with arrays in PHP for efficient data storage and manipulation.
Night Time Lectures Outlines:
11. File inclusion in PHP to import and include external files.
Understanding and creating functions in PHP for modular and reusable code.
Exploring function overloading in PHP to handle multiple function definitions.
Utilizing GET and POST methods in PHP for handling form submissions and data transfer.

[Insightful] 60+ PHP Exercises with Solution for Web Developers

62 Lessons
6.7 hours

60+ PHP Exercises with Solutions for Web Developers PHP is …

What you'll learn
Basics PHP Exercises with Solutions
Variables Exercises with Solutions
Data types Exercises with Solutions
String Exercises with Solutions
Number Exercises with Solutions
Operators' Exercises with Solutions
Decision-making Exercises with Solutions
Loop Exercises with Solutions
Function Exercises with Solutions
Array Exercises with Solutions

Complete PHP Web Development Course

77 Lessons
7.1 hours
All Levels

Complete PHP Web Development Course This is the PHP Web …

What you'll learn
Introduction to PHP, Scope, Applications, Setup
Syntax, Hello World Program, Echo vs Print
Comments, Reserved Word, Escape Sequence
Variable and Constant?
Scalar Types, Compound Types, Special Types
String, and built-in methods
Integers, Floats, Infinity, NaN, Numerical Strings
Type conversions, Math Functions
Operator, Arithmetic, Comparison, Logical
Assignment, Conditional, Increment, and Decrement
String, Array
Decisions Making, if, if...else, Nested if, If else if Switch statement
Loop, While Loop, Do/while Loop, For Loop, Foreach Loop, Break and Continue
Function, Types of Function, Parameter, and Arguments
One argument, Multiple arguments, the Default argument
Keyword argument, Position argument
Array, Types of Array(Indexed, Associative, Multidimensional)
Sorting Array, foreach loop with array
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