Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning | Difference

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Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Python

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning | Difference

Difference Between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

In this article we will learn what is the difference between artificial intelligence and Machine Learning, there are different articles related to AI, ML, and Data science we have published, you can read them if you want. We have decided to explain both technologies in detail for beginners because now a day both fields (artificial intelligence and Machine Learning) are going to top. Most of the industries offer AI and ML jobs and internships program.

So let’s start to learn more!

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is the simulation ( imitation of the operations of real-world processes) of human intelligence or we can say that AI is the system or machine which think, act, work, behave and have other thoughts and functions that a human has and perform in daily life. Or AI system is a machine that works like a human according to provided instructions. The purpose of developing an AI system is to save time and to get benefits from technology.

Technologies used in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence uses the combined technologies to develop an AI system as mathematics, science, engineering, etc. There are other technologies based on AI that we are sharing here.

  • Natural Language Generation e.g English, Urdu, Arabic, etc
  • Machine Learning (ML)
  • Intelligent virtual agent
  • Decision Management (Enterprise or Business)
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) Optimized Hardware
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Text Analytics
  • Speech Recognition
  • Face Recognition
  • Deep Learning
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Bio-metrics Systems
  • Compliance
  • Knowledge Worker Aid
  • Peer to Peer Networks
  • Content Writing
  • Emotion Recognition
  • Image Recognition/Processing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Cyber Defense

What is Machine Learning (ML)

As we are learning and clear that what difference between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. So you should know that Machine learning is the subset of Artificial Intelligence in which we develop a system that thinks and acts like a human but such a system follows a computer algorithm that automatically improves and learns from experience. When you develop such a system, the system needs to learn from previous records and data.

When a user uses the ML system and performs some actions, transactions, creating accounts, other activities, etc, then machines keep those records to use further in the future when need. So machines collect such kinds of data from users and get experience from that data.

For example most of the users like ‘Mango’ fruit, so the machine will understand that the most liked fruit is the Mango because of most users like Mango.

When buying anything else from a shopping website, we see other relevant products, which means the machine knows which products are suited for which product because the buyer also buys relevant products.

Technologies used in Machine Learning (ML)

In this section, you will read the technologies that use in the Machine learning system and also software/libraries that are helpful while developing the ML systems.

  • Machine Learning uses Historical Data, on that basis, the ML systems give output to the user.
  • Recommendation Engines means the things which are recommended by the users, it displays to the user.
  • Fraud Detection is the method to find out the illegal way or maybe something which harms users.
  • Using Spam Filtering, a system can filter out the records to find spam which may harm the system
  • Malware Threat Detection is the system that can detect any kind of malware in the system, Malware is the malicious code or virus which corrupts the system performance and data.

The following are the open-source software or packages available in both C++ and Python. You can use the following software to work with Machine Learning projects.

  • TensorFlow
  • Keras
  • Torch
  • Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit
  • Accord.NET
  • Caffe
  • Scikit-learn
  • Theano

Key Difference Between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence is a technology and broad science which enables a machine to work and act like human behavior. But Machine learning is a subset or a branch of  Artificial intelligence (AI) that enables a machine or system to work automatically and learn automatically from past data without writing separate programs through programming languages.


If you have any questions/confusions/suggestions/ideas/knowledge while reading this article, then share with us. We will appreciate your effort and provide you the best solution if you have any problems.

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