[Interesting] A Programmer Teaches Chemistry Subject

How a Computer Teacher Teaches Chemistry

This article discusses my experience of teaching chemistry while being a computer science teacher with programming knowledge. I have shared my life experiences and how I achieved success in my programming career. It provides insights into my background and journey, offering inspiration to students who wish to learn from my experiences.

My Interest in Chemistry

As someone with a background in programming and computer science subjects, I am proficient in various aspects such as creating websites. However, I also have a growing interest in chemistry.

interest of chemistry for programmer faisal zamir

There isn’t a strong relationship between computer programming and chemistry, unlike the correlation between math and computer science. Despite this, my interest in chemistry began in the 9th grade when I aspired to become a chemical engineer, envisioning myself inventing various chemical formulas and products.

However, by the time I reached 12th grade, my career path took a different turn, and I decided to pursue a career as a web designer and developer. Unfortunately, I didn’t have anyone to provide proper guidance and mentorship during this transition.

What is the relationship between Computers & Chemistry

As far as I know, there is no perfect relationship between computer science and chemistry because, in chemistry, we study matters and their states and changes, whereas, in computer science, we focus on computer machines, software, programming, etc.

When developing any robot or AI-based system, we need to study physics, biology, mathematics, engineering, etc., but I’ve never analyzed its use of chemistry knowledge. However, different chemical products are developed with computer programming to work efficiently and solve various problems. In computer science subjects, there’s no requirement to study chemistry, based on different syllabi observed in schools, colleges, and universities.

The first time I conduct a chemistry class

It was the time when I needed a job to earn money for learning computer programming, software development, etc. In such a situation, it was a challenge for me to teach any irrelevant subject to make money. During those days, I received a call from a local college for a chemistry teaching job. I successfully passed their demo and secured a class starting from the next day.

Faisal Zamir teacher of Chemistry also

During my very first chemistry class in that college, I analyzed that the students were brilliant and interested in learning chemistry. Their enthusiasm inspired me to further research the chemistry subject even without a master’s degree. After an extended period of teaching in the same college, I decided to pursue a master’s degree in chemistry.

However, as I reflected on my goals to learn programming and become a proficient software developer, I decided to invest in getting admission to computer science programming at Qurtuba University in my local city, Dera Ismail Khan.

What I got after teaching Chemistry as a Programmer

After completing my teaching sessions in chemistry at the local college in my city, I gained various insights. For example, I realized the vast scope of chemistry and how products derived from it have a significant impact on our daily lives. I learned about different environmental aspects, industrial applications, everyday products, and their potential side effects on human life.

Chemistry cannot compete with a computer

Furthermore, I also recognized that chemistry cannot directly compete with computer science. In computer science programming, we can develop systems that operate within seconds, whereas chemistry-based products may require more time. Nowadays, with the advancement of artificial intelligence technology, chemistry-based products can be developed to function even more efficiently than other machinery.

Table that highlights the comparison between “Chemistry” and “Programming”:

FocusChemical Reactions, ElementsCode Development, Algorithms
ToolsLaboratory Equipment, InstrumentsIDEs, Text Editors
OutputExperiments, AnalysisSoftware Applications
SyntaxChemical FormulasProgramming Languages

Staff and Students feedback on my chemistry teaching style

It’s interesting to note that I selected the same college where I completed my basic intermediate studies for my further education. Many of the teachers who taught me during my intermediate years were still teaching there, and I learned a great deal from them about teaching methods and other aspects of academia.

Having some experience in computer science and programming knowledge at that time, I was respected by teachers for my computer knowledge because everyone was interested in software and its development.

Other staff members provided different feedback; some suggested getting a job in a software house, while others recommended starting online work in another city. However, I decided on another path: to enroll in a computer science program to complete my graduation first.

The staff members were satisfied with my teaching style, as students provided positive feedback on my teaching approach, especially considering my intermediate certificate

Why did I leave teaching chemistry subject?

I declared a programming goal to become a programmer to teach and develop digital products for problem-solving. You know, I had experience in computer science and software development with programming, but for some reason, I found myself teaching chemistry to become financially stable. I invested all my income into my computer science education to learn programming and build a strong career.

Because of this, I left teaching chemistry and faced more difficulties and failures in my career journey, but I continued to struggle to achieve success. Now, Alhamdulillah, I have a successful career in programming teaching, software development, etc.

Next, I created my studio to create programming videos and start my own online business. That is great I think overall because earning at home is a suitable job for everyone.

Here is a video lecture, where you can learn and understand computer science with chemistry:


My interest was to become a proficient programmer, develop software, and websites, and establish an academy to teach programming and web development to students worldwide. However, pursuing this goal led me to face numerous difficulties and challenges.

What do you learn from my history?

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What is the relationship of computers with chemistry?

If we analyze computers in different subjects like fundamentals, networking, programming, databases, etc., we cannot find any chemistry-related subjects like elements or matter knowledge. This means that there is not a strong relationship between chemistry with computer science.

Why did a programmer start teaching chemistry?

He wants to achieve some goals related to programming, software development, web development, etc., but he has no job and no money. That is why he started to teach any subject like chemistry, by the way, to earn money to achieve his goals and succeed.

What programmer is doing right now after teaching chemistry?

After completing teaching chemistry, he started to teach programming to online students, including Python programming, web designing, web development, etc. He amassed approximately a million enrollments in his different courses.

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