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Faisal Zamir

Python Mastery in 99 Days: From Basics to Advanced Concepts

A 99-day intensive Python course covering fundamentals, advanced topics, and practical applications for aspiring developers and...
0 Lectures
22 Hour
Faisal Zamir

Full PHP CRASH Course | Core PHP Exercises 60+ with Solution

Master PHP programming through practical exercises covering syntax, control structures, functions, arrays, and MySQL integratio...
63 Lectures
6 Hour
Faisal Zamir

Learn FIVE (5) Computer Programming Languages in ONE COURSE

Master Python, JavaScript, C#, PHP, and C++ in one course covering fundamentals, syntax, and essential programming constructs f...
0 Lectures
5H, 45min
Faisal Zamir

Learn Complete MySQLi with PHP

Comprehensive MySQLi and PHP course covering database fundamentals, SQL queries, and advanced operations for building dynamic w...
44 Lectures

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